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Waterval Farm is located outside Cradock, in the Karoo region of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Known for its sweeping landscapes, Waterval was bought by Wentzel Christoffel Lombard from the Coetzer family in 1990. The entire farm consists of seven farms over 10 000 hectares.

It is privately owned and operated by Wentzel & Elanie, Lombard and their children, Louwrence & Jeanette, Le Riche and Louzel.

Waterval is part of the Witmoskloof Conservancy and commits itself to ethical and sustainable hunting. The total size of the Witmoskloof Conservancy is approximately 50 000 hectares and consists of 10 members. The conservancy works actively together with Nature Conservation to preserve and sustain the indigenous wildlife and ecology of the region. Waterval is situated in a malaria free area.

Sheep farming is the economic backbone of the Karoo, with other forms of agriculture established in areas where irrigation is possible. The Cradock area is a substantial producer of wool, beef, dairy, fruit, lucerne and mohair. In recent years, the growth of game farms and conservancies has contributed to sustaining the fauna and flora of the region.

Besides hunting, Waterval farm and its surrounds offer wonderful hiking, biking, running, bass fishing, photography, and bird watching opportunities. It is also worth visiting the Mountain Zebra National Park is situated outside Cradock. The reserve protects over 600 zebra as well as wildlife such as endangered black rhino and cheetah.

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